April #WrapUp

CLTBRChallenge15 and GoodReads Book Challenge Progress- 20 of 65 and 24 of 65 books read.

April Books:

Spearwood Academy Vol 3

Spearwood Academy Vol 4

Spearwood Academy Vol 5

Murderous Little Darlings: Non-TBR

Night School: Genesis

Night School: Legacy

Night School: Fracture

In other news, my Camp NaNoWriMo was somewhat of a failure and kind of not. I wrote 23,892 words out of a goal of 30,000. So I failed to make my goal but came very close to finishing. Can’t wait to see what I can do in July!

I continued #Musical Monday Reviews and will continue them into May. Sanctuary Edits is working with a second author already and still open for new clients. I also announced Guest Posts this month, but have not heard back from the one who contacted me yet. I am opening that spot up to anyone who would be interested, any topic you would like. Classes are going ok but I have just been out of it the last two weeks. I was really sick one day and haven’t caught up yet. Iit’s been a lazy, feel like “blah” last two weeks. I hope it gets better.

Let’s have a good May!

Sanctuary Edits

Have a book that needs editing? Want to make sure all the kinks are worked out before publication? Here at Sanctuary Edits, we will read through your book looking for any and all typos. We will double check to make sure everything sounds smooth and inform you of any issues spotted.

In addition to our editing services, we will also have an honest review ready for you upon publication. The review will be posted to Books and More, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Google+, Tumblr and Amazon (or Smashwords depending on where you publish). We will also include an Author Spotlight Interview on the Books and More blog. We can also put together a release post highlighting your book the day it is released.

At Sanctuary Edits, we do Substantive Editing and Copy Editing. Substantive Editing is problem solving and overall clarity or accuracy.
Copy Editing, is where we look at spelling, grammar, punctuation and word usage. Prices are $50-100 per manuscript. Price varies depending on size. Short story would be less than an epic novel.

March #WrapUp

First, a quick breakdown of books I’ve read for my Goodreads and CLTBRChallenge15 book reading challenges. Both goals are set for 65 books by the end of December.


Beauty and the Beast

Highland Blessings

Blockade Billy

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Earth Angel

February- The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Vol 3

March- The Time Machine

3 AM Non-TBR Challenge

To the Gallows Non-TBR Challenge

The Glass House

The Dead Girls’ Dance

Spearwood Academy

Spearwood Academy Vol 2


Started an editing company, Sanctuary Edits, and landed my first client. I also started classes for my bachelor’s degree and will finish my first two classes sometime in April. I have prepped for my Camp NaNoWriMo session, and announced the name of the book I’m working on. Author Spotlight Interviews are still open and looking for authors. Musical Mondays will continue until I am out of them.

Quick Post

Sanctuary Edits page has updated information! Please go take a look.http://charliesangel-0069.wix.com/cmwauthorpage#!sanctuary-edits/cph

#Music Monday Review 1: “7 Brides for 7 Brothers”

Overview: Seven brothers living together in what appears to be a two room cabin up in the mountains of Oregon around 1850. The Eldest, Adam, sets off to town for some supplies and to get married. After their parents passed, it had only been the seven of them and they were in need of a womanly touch around the home. Adam finds and marries Milly, the hotel cook, brings her home to meet her new family. Rightly so, she gets mad at the fact that Adam “forgot” to tell her about the brothers living there and she married him to basically be a maid. The two eventually fall in love, and Milly straightens out the other six into proper gentleman. They all go to town for a barn raising party and meet girls of their own. Well they all get a case of “love at first dance” (and what a dance it is!) and become love sick. Adam, genius that he is, decides to take the boys into town late one night and kidnap all the girls. On the way home, the pass they travel through has an avalanche while they are being pursued by all the townsmen and the women are stuck there through the winter. Of course the women are mad and upset about being kidnapped and Milly sides with them, forcing the menfolk to sleep in the barn. As time goes on the girls start to fall in love. Come spring, the townsmen set off to bring their girls home but there’s a bigger problem they never intended on.

Opinion: Great musical. It was filmed in 1954, so the sets are fake but beautiful. The music; written by Gene de Paul, Adolph Deutsch, and Conrad Salinger; is charismatically performed by an amazing cast. I’m not that big on soprano singers, but Julie Powell has a nice clean voice without taking it too far up in the “screeching” register as some can. Howard Keel (Adam) has a nice low voice, but not as appealing as I have heard from others. He’s not in the song I posted here but he is definitely worth checking out.

One of my favorite dances, happens to be when the boys are love sick and singing about how lonesome they are. It also happens to be one of the most dangerous ones I have seen, because they are woodsmen swinging tools around as if they are toys. I know that they more than likely are toys/fake props, but if you imagine it in real life, they could accidentally chop off someone’s head just because they are in love.

The ending is also really cute, but I’m not going to tell you about it in hopes that you will check it out for yourselves.

Songs with Hidden Meanings?

OK, I have only heard three of the eight songs on this list and question what type of person got rape out of two of them. The first one, “Blurred Lines” made big headlines when it came out because of it’s content. It really does nothing to hide what it is trying to say, but the singer also said that it isn’t a song about rape. The lyrics say otherwise.

“Baby it’s Cold Outside” is a nice Christmas/Winter song, but I do not see rape in it’s lyrics. I do see a guy trying to get the girl to stay at the house a bit longer, have a drink, but that does not mean the man is going to rape her. Seriously I think some people just read what they want to into the lyrics. The same goes for the last song on the list, “Summer Nights” from “Grease.”

“Summer Nights” shows both sides of the story, Sandy talks about the sweet, romantic side of Danny and speaks of what actually happened. Danny, is talking with his buddies and to save face in front of them he embellishes so he doesn’t look bad. If you look at the context of the lyrics, he is not implying rape. He is implying that something happened, but rape is not part of the deal.

I’m not trying to make lite of rape or anything, because we all know it is wrong, but seriously don’t over complicate song lyrics.