Julie Andrews vs. Carrie Underwood vs. Lady Gaga

Yesterday I reviewed “The Sound of Music” and while I enjoyed writing the review, sorry it was so long, I felt it was incomplete. Not that long ago Carrie Underwood reprised the role of Maria and critics ripped her apart, but Lady Gaga steps up to the plate to do a medley and everyone lovesContinue reading “Julie Andrews vs. Carrie Underwood vs. Lady Gaga”

#Musical Monday Review #2: The Sound of Music

Overview: This musical takes place early on in World War II Austria, before the Nazis invaded. Maria is a nun-in-training, but doesn’t quite fit in with the others. She is more free spirited, but not lacking faith. Mother Superior, deciders to send her off to the von Trapp family as a nanny for seven children.Continue reading “#Musical Monday Review #2: The Sound of Music”