#Book Blurb: #Revealed (Legend Series book 2)

Alexa-Jordyn just found out she is a Bean Sidhee, but what does that mean? Things get even stranger as her best friend comes to her rescue in the form of a bird, friends turn on her and things become heated with J.P. On Amazon


Write On Vs. Wattpad

What is the difference between witeon.kindle.com and wattpad.com? One is obviously owned and operated by Amazon and Wattpad seems to be it’s own entity. Both sites seem to be dedicated to allowing writers post their work, and readers can chime in with their opinion. So which is better to use? I don’t know!

I have a wattpad account, but only use it for my fan-fiction (because I’m an idiot). I just opened an account on Write On, and do not see a difference. The major difference I can see is wattpad is more socially driven and writeon seems to be more focused on getting feedback for the material.

I can see how both of these websites can help authors improve their writing but I’m still on the fence about them. I have an account on both sites now and will see what pappens. Has anyone else seen a difference? Which do you prefer? Is writeon a waste of time?