Hell School: Fresh Meat Tour Line Up

I’d like to apologize for the lateness of this post. I have had some personal issues arise and was unable to post until now. Thankfully I wasn’t too late, and I am sure the past posts are still up and worth a look!

Hell School: Fresh Meat Tour
February 21st- March 31st.
February 21st- Heidi Angell’s Blog, tour announcement.
February 22nd Book review by Amanda Lim on MyBooksOpinion
February 23rd- Character Spotlight for Clint Glover on http://www.coreenamcburnie.com/blog
February 24th- Sample Chapter on figment
February 26th Poetry on stalking on http://www.chantolaspinall.com/
February 27th Hell School: Fresh Meat Facebook Party
February 28th Ama Bemma interview.
February 29th Book review by Justin Schiavone on Jersey Guys Can Read
March 2nd Top 3 interview with Kai Strand on Strands of Thought
March 3rd Character Spotlight of Sam Havre and book review by Kala Hammer Reading Like A Fool
March 6th Guest post on Stalking with Mary Okeke
March 7th – 1st in a four part interview series with Nancy Christie, one on one
March 7th – Guest post on Stalking for Abiola Olatunde’s Biola-epesus
March 8th- Top Ten on Krystal Larson’s Live to Read
March 10th Wes Johnson Spotlight on Jo Michaels Blog
March 14th Nancy Christie second interview.
March 15th Character Spotlight for Mike Wells Reviews by Page Turners
March 16th Character Spotlight for Jill on I Heart Reading
March 18th Author interview on Jersey Guys Can Read.
March 21st- Nancy Christie part 3
March 22nd Book review by Shelea at That Bookshelf Bitch
March 23rd Book review on 5 Girls Book reviews
March 24th Author interview with Courtney Wendleton on Books and More
March 28th Last of Nancy Christie’s 4 part series.
There will be a live panel toward the end of March with several YA authors talking about writing. Stay tuned for more information.
For information on live events, check in often at Heidi Angell’s website.

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#BookReview: Night School: Genesis 5/5 Stars

Overview: 16 year old Allie Sheridan is in trouble for the final time. After her third arrest in a year, her parents ship her off to boarding school. This school is so far removed from London and any town, that no one knows it even exists. To make it more ominous, before she left Allie tried to tell her friends where she was going…and her mom literally pulls the phone line out of the jack. At the school she is set to read the rules and she learns there are no technology comforts allowed. She is in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by strangers with no way to call for help. She makes friends and falls in brief list but soon mysteries around the school, students, and herself start popping up and know one will tell her anything. Because the students know nothing of her or her background, they are afraid to tell her anything,  and that puts everyone in more danger. During the school’s big summer dance, the school is set on fire, a girl is found dead and Allie is attacked. Problems pile up from there ending in some truths coming out and we find out what happened to Allie’s brother, who disappeared awhile before she left for school.

Review: Amazon recommended this book for me, and by the title I jumped to vampires being involved. I was way off base, but holy cow! The story kept me engrossed throughout, we kept getting pulled deeper and deeper into this giant conspiracy and never told what is going on or why Allie is being targeted. I NEEDED to know what was going to happen. Then my mind blew every time we did learn a small piece of information because you never see it coming. I’m getting ready to start the second book, eager to learn more.

Recommend: YES!