Touchdown Interruption #TDI

Touchdown Interruption is about a sheltered girl who wants to break out and do her own thing. When Jezebel breaks her arm and the arm of her enemy, her father decides to let her spend the rest of summer and fall home alone, with the enemy sleeping down the hall. Can the two live together and survive? Sneak Peak:

That night I tried to sleep but could not stop thinking about Xavier and what my friend thought I should do. I got up, and went to the kitchen for a cup of warm apple cider and chocolate covered raisins. Maybe they will help me sleep. I hadn’t been in there five minutes when I started to hear Xavier coming down the hall. When he entered the kitchen in his pajama bottoms, and bed head I couldn’t help but chuckle. He looked so sexy standing there rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “What are you doing up?”

“Fox and Scully kept whimpering at the window. I don’t know if they saw something or what, but they wouldn’t stop crying.”

“That sucks. Are they still in there? Would you like a cup of cider?”

“Sure. Yea they wouldn’t come out here, I wonder if they saw another dog or a cat. What are you doing up?” He asked taking the cup I offered him.

“I just couldn’t sleep. My brain seems to be in over drive tonight.”

CRASH! “What was that?” Xavier asked setting his cup on the counter and rushing towards the master bedroom where we heard the sound of breaking glass come from.

As we ran down the hallway, Fox and Scully joined us growling and barking trying to get ahead of us and see what happened. Once in my dad’s room we found the patio door had been smashed in with a brick thrown through it. “Well this is nice. My dad is going to go crazy. Who the hell would throw a brick through a glass door?”

“I don’t know, surprisingly there isn’t a note. Have you made anyone mad recently?” He asked as he carefully examined the brick.

“Not really…Miranda, but that’s been awhile if she wanted revenge she would of done it by now and not with a brick through the window. She would go straight for me or you since I humiliated her in front of you.”

“Oh that sounds like fun. You sure it wasn’t her?”

“Positive, her ways are different and more personal. I would say pissed off fan, but usually they don’t attack the house personally.” The dogs perked up their ears and headed towards the living room.

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#Book Blurb: Touchdown Interruption


A girl starving for freedom from her father, gains it by breaking her arm. Something unexpected occurs while alone, that puts herself in danger as well as her heart. Will Jezebel be able to survive mortal peril of her own making? Amazon only.


I just completed a book swap and thought it is a great idea, but I’m a little apprehensive about it as I’ve been shooting myself in the foot looking for ways to get reviews and feedback for my books. I have given them away on amazon, and given away free copies here, but never heard back from anybody. I have one or two reviews on amazon but that’s been it. I understand that everybody has a life and gets busy but I’m just getting a little frustrated.

With that said, is there anyone who would like to do a book swap? You can choose between Touchdown Interruption or Innocence (I would offer Revealed, but being the second in a series you would need to read Innocence first).

Both are YA short novellas. TDI is about a girl who is starving for freedom from her over controlling father. When she becomes hurt, she gains it but one thing leads to another and she winds up in some hot water.

Innocence is about a girl who is spending her senior year abroad. While away, she learns knew things about herself and the world while falling in love with a not-so-normal teacher. We branch into the realm of paranormal here with vampires, banshees, and morrigans…oh my!

If you would like to learn a little more about these books before deciding, head over to Then shoot me an email if you are interested.