Fuller House Flip or Flop?

Season 2 was just released a couple of days ago and everybody has been binge watching. Myself included, but as with Season 1 it is painfully obvious that the writers have no clue about the original series. Yes, this is not going to be a “happy go watch the show” post. There are so many things wrong that tick me off.

Starting with the biggest thing that irks me: Kimmy Gibbler. By the end of the original series she was bugging me because there was no character development with her then and for the most part, there still isn’t any character development. She is still the dumb best friend comic relief. There are small moments of maturity, but even those are marred by sheer dumb luck. Further perpetuating the stereotypical dumb blonde.


In contrast to prove my point about her, at the high school reunion they brought Duane back. The boyfriend who used to say “Whatever” all the time. He matured and made something of himself. Yes, Kimmy was still able to turn him into a big pile of “whatever” goo but that was because I think he still has a crush on her, or that is what we are supposed to think. In any case he went from caveman, to normal human person! Kimmy is still an idiot.


The crass, dirty jokes that are part of “aging with the original audience.” The original audience grew up with clean, family friendly jokes. Some may have been aimed at the parents, but were never so openly in the gutter. One instance that sticks out most right now is in Season 2 Episode 1. Fernando is wearing Kimmy’s robe. It is too small and right away you know he is going to bend over and his junk is going to be exposed. In the original, this would have been done with more finesse, showing him bending forward with junk away from camera. Today the junk is blocked out in full view of the audience. Oddly enough I can’t find a screen grab of the scene, but it happened.

Then, with the crass and lazy humor, there is the full on shock value of same sex kisses exchanged by hetero characters. Kimmy and Stephanie, a couple of times.


Matt and Steve


And while there have not been full out kissing between the three, but Fuller House has completely perverted the platonic relationships between Danny, Jesse and Joey. Almost every scene they are in together, the script alludes to them being together. Watching the original series, you know there was nothing like that going on. It would have been ok, but I don’t think that anyone would have even thought about it if Bob Saget hadn’t said that he took the part because he thought it was about being progressive and was “three men in a relationship raising kids.” This was revealed in the Lifetime Movie Network “documentary” about how the series got started.


Poor Becky has been turned into a baby hungry robot. I swear every other word out of her mouth has been “baby” the other word being “want.” I think the writers finally got tired of hearing it too and gave into her demand by letting her adopt a child at the end of season two. Now what are they going to do with her character? Is she going to demand another child? One of their own? Or is she going to talk Stephanie into letting her be a surrogate?


Speaking of Stephanie, Oh my God! They have turned her into a slut. Not only have we seen her go through a few on the show, it is alluded to her going through them like a diabetes in a candy store while she was working as a dj. Obviously she has been characterized as the female version of Jesse before he settled down with Becky, but really? Let’s make her a slut in order to replace the Jesse from season one of Full House.


Given her the inability to have children and paired her up with a nimrod who was invented for this part. He was never mentioned in the original series, Kimmy only had an older brother named Garth and possibly younger sisters.


Let’s not forget the numerous slight of hand jokes shoved down our throats and aimed at the Olsen Twins. We get it they didn’t want to do the show and everyone is upset. They didn’t want to do the show, get over it and move on. Their little sister at one point said she would step in for them. Let her. If not use another actress or leave Michelle where she is. Stop hounding the twins and the audience like we can do something about it.


The new kids don’t really bother me too much. Jackson can be a brat off and on, I’m waiting to pass judgement on the middle son because I think they are building up for something with him and if they lead us in the wrong direction with him, I will be pissed. The babies can’t do any wrong, they are babies. Ramona…I don’t have bad or good to say about her. She is just there. Same as the “Popco(?)” and “Lola” characters. They don’t add much but they don’t take away much either. 

And is New Kids on the Block going to be replacing the reoccurring roles of the Beach Boys? If so couldn’t you have picked a better band? They kind of suck

I’m pretty sure there is more, but that’s all I can think about right now. My wine is clouding my memory. Anyone else think the new series is going down the toilet?

#BookReview: #Outlander by Diana Gabaldon 4/5 Stars

Overview: Claire Randall and her husband Frank, have survived World War II and are taking a second honeymoon in Scotland to become reacquainted before returning to normal lives. All goes well as she follows him around town, researching his family tree and she learns about the local herbs. Early one morning, they sneak to the top of a hill covered in standing stones (similar to Stonehenge) and witness a witch ritual. Curious afterword, the two investigate the rocks after the witches leave and Claire finds a rare blue flower. They hurry back home, after coming close to being found by a forgetful witch, and Claire can’t get the flower out of her head. She decides to go back for it and falls through the center of the middle stone. When she does, she is transported back in time to 1743. Struggling to realize what happened, she wondered around and is attacked by the English army, rescued and captured by a man from the clan MacKenzie. In need of a nurse, thanks to the war and impromptu herbal lessens, Claire helped a man named Jaime recover from a bullet wound as they returned home. As things seem to normalize, chaos always seems to be right around the corner. She is thought to be a spy, kidnapped again, forced to marry Jaime (whom she later falls in love with), punished for being kidnapped, breaks into prison, attacked by wolves, almost drowned, cursed and helps her new sister-in-law give birth.

Opinion: Pretty good. First I will admit to have only watched the first five or six episodes of the TV show, so I do have to take the comparisons into account as far as I can. The first section or so seemed a bit…lacking compared to the show. Book Claire is very adamant about not liking Frank’s ancestral digging; as well as viewed botany as more of a new hobby. TV Claire, seems more interested in his work and more knowledgeable of botany than Book Claire. Book Claire also tends to be more whiny about getting home to her own time. Yes it is understandable that she wants to get back home, but she really needed to take a chill pill about it. Compared to the rest of the book, it seemed almost out of character for her to pout so much.
As the book goes on, the characters become stronger and more human-esque. For the most part it was good, but there is still a small part that felt like it was too much. Too many side characters or too much action to make it a 5 star book in my eyes. Still very much worth the read.
The book itself was good, a few typos and strange phrasing but good.

Recommend: Yes

New Hat

So it may seem that my blog and life are undergoing changes, as I find new things that I want to do. I’m still trying to figure out where my life is headed, which at 25 is a bit late in the game for me. I tend to procrastinate.

My blog is new, and I’m new to blogging so I expected to make changes as I go along. Which is why I named it Books and More, I knew I wanted to do book reviews, but I didn’t want to limit it to just that. I honestly thought I would have more on here about Doctor Who, Sherlock (TV series) or one of the other many fandoms I have been a part of.

While I’m in the midst of changing, starting a new school and adding different aspects to my blog, I’m also thinking about starting a little side business. I have been collaborating with an author to edit her next book. If she is happy with my work, maybe I could turn that into something. I know I probably wouldn’t get rich off of it, but I could make enough to be happy. Doesn’t take much Lol.

In my mind, I like to think that I don’t have over 110 followers for nothing and that they enjoy most of what I write. I would like to ensure them that I’m still going to be here posting and it should be pretty consistent context. I just hope the changes aren’t so drastic that y’all decided to unfollow me.

Me Update

Here is a run through of what I have been up to. I feel like I have been slacking off this month because I haven’t finished reading one book on my TBR list, but I think everything else makes up for that.

So I’m still powering through “Sherlock Holmes,” roughly 38% done. It just seems really dry and am not that fired up to get through it because it’s dry.

I’ve been trying to work on “The Price of War” my upcoming historical fiction novel, but not getting far with it.

“Drug Deal” (working title subject to change, a book I’ve placed on the back burner for lack of ideas, has been moved to the forefront. I have written two or three chapters for it so far and still on a roll.

Book 3 in my Legend series, “Shattered,” has been started but not much farther than the first chapter.

Been trying to get college classes started again so I can get my BA. I have been accepted but my financial aid hasn’t gone through yet.

I just revealed my cover for “Naturally Luna.” However, that book is also at a stand still. Stupid characters won’t talk to me like they used to.

Naturally Luna 1

Updated my author website: http://charliesangel-0069.wix.com/cmwauthorpage and that is about it. Aside from watching my TV shows, heck I’m even backed up on them. I am a slacker, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. pUpside though, I’ve been writing a post a day this month. That is a whole lot better since I started this blog, and better than last month where I missed a few days.