#NaNoWriMo Week 2

So…week two is done, yay! (heavy sarcasm BTW) I’m only close to 20,000 words and way behind schedule, because I am second guessing the plot. I have a bunch of little conflicts, but not one BIG catastrophe life-ending one.  I have no clue what to do for one or how to work it in. Kidnapping seems to be a theme in my writing, why I don’t know, and I don’t want to do it again. There are two villains with a confusing third, and main two are working together. Kidnapping the heroine just doesn’t sound right. Plus as I’ve said, I’ve done it before.


To Paint a Vampire, obviously has vampires. One kind of good, one bad, and one jerk vampire hunter. The BV is trying to corrupt the GV, but he wants to find a mate to share his life with. Too bad for him he sets his sights on the ex girlfriend of a psychotic VH.  So the small side issues are set, but what can be done as the major problem? I’m thirteen chapters in and can’t introduce a whole new set of paranormal, like has been one of my thoughts. Well I could, but then I would have to find ways to integrate it into the first part without throwing everything off. I could go the Twilight route and introduce a Head Coven who oppose the changing of a VH’s ex girlfriend but then I would have to establish an entire hierarchy and while not a bad plan, not one I really want to do. I could put the heroine on a quest to find a cure for vampirism but not sure how I would introduce the thought or what it would be… still a viable option.


If I can’t find a major problem, what’s the point of the book? No major threat to the couple then it is just mediocre and not good. I don’t want it to be another regular dime store romance novel, I want it to be better. Be worthy of more. Too much to ask?

I better go, my seal is judging me from his perch for not working on my book. I’ll keep you posted on where it goes, without spoilers hopefully.