#Book Review: The Dead Girls’ Dance (Morganville Vampires Book 2) By Rachael Caine 5/5 Stars

Overview: After find a very, very old book that holds vampire secrets and turning it over to the somewhat nice vampire Amelie, Claire and friends are thrown into even deeper trouble. Shane called his dad when things were looking grim for the group, and Frank (his dad) came thundering in with biker friends armed to the hilt ready to kill vampires. One thing leads to another and Shane is under arrest, sentenced to death for killing a vampire that he didn’t have anything to do with. Claire has her mission, save her new boyfriend from being burned to death and save her nemesis from a house fire of her own. Michael has his own issues to deal with as he is 1/2 ghost 1/2 vampire that can’t leave the house. Once everything is straightened out, Claire has a decision to make for the whole household but doesn’t know what to do.

Opinion: I am loving this series! Claire is just an ordinary nerdy girl who is basically being punished for being smart. She goes to college at an early age and has to face her worst fears. Then once she thinks everything is going to settle down  the madness returns. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series, but have to. For I am broke and do not have money to buy the next 13 installments. 😦 Well 12, my uncle was kind enough to buy me one for Christmas, but didn’t check the number because he got #8 instead of 3.

Recommend: YES!

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#BookReview: The Glass House by Rachel Caine (Book 1 Morganville Vampires Series) 5/5 Stars

Overview: Sixteen year old Claire just started her first semester of college and is being bullied by the school’s top witch. After a trip down the stairs, Claire decides it’s time to look for new accommodations and lands in front of The Glass house crying and covered in bruises. Michael, Shane and Eve are her new roommates and commence to telling her about the town’s darkest secret: Vampires, vampires everywhere. The top witch, Monica, it turns out is dating a rather nasty one and pulls the quartet deeper in trouble that ends with a centuries old quest coming to a close and a house fire.

Opinion: I love it! Vampires are taken closer to their roots, being evil, but not too bad. Some walk the line between completely evil and just slightly evil. The humans are afraid, but brave enough to stick up for each other and won’t back down. They stand their ground even though they face an entire town of vampires and vampire-controlled humans.

Recommend: Yes.

#Book Review: “Road of Darkness” by Zoe Ambler 3/5 Stars

Overview: Addison Jasper is a spoiled girl in the late 1600’s. She grew up with a slave, Neeta, for a nanny that taught her Voodoo. On a secret outing, Addison is captured by a strong man who turns out to be a vampire working for a Voodoo god. The vampire transforms her and gives her soul to the Voodoo god. From then on she spends centuries killing, stealing, and reveling in her new vampire state. Addison travels through history following one war after another, picking off both sides not caring which is which. As time goes on, she starts to feel lonely and wants to spend her life with someone. She eventually finds a Slayer who is willing to change her evil ways but can the two find love?

Opinion: The story in itself, I like the idea of. What I can not get past is the main character has no morals. I have never read a book where I did not sympathize with main character, or thought every bad thing she went through she deserved (which gets pretty bad at one point). More than three times, Addison feeds and kills children because she is hungry. Yes I know vampires feed off of blood, but this is either before or shortly after she has fed on adults. I just…I have issues with the harming of children no reason. I felt no compassion for what Addison was going through because she made it so easy to hate her. During World War II, she took up with a Nazi and the two were perfect for each other in their evil ways. However, their relationship took on a love/hate romance. He would beat her and abuse her, so she would kill his soldiers making him angry and causing her more pain and suffering. She of course loved it and tried to turn him when he is attacked.

In the end she is on the path to redemption but I’m not sure if she will succeed and personally I don’t think she is worthy of redemption. I find the book was like a train wreck, a horrible incident that one cannot turn away from. I wasn’t comfortable with a lot that happened, but I couldn’t stop reading. I had to find out if she was finally killed for her evil deeds, or if she just decided not to live any more.

Recommend: Not sure.

Book Review: Vampire University (Book 1)


Overview: Taylor is starting her freshman year at university of course she is nervous. Her bubbly roommate Hannah is out going and very forward, unlike Taylor, but become fast friends from the moment they meet. While attending a “Welcome Dinner” the girls meet twins Eric and Joseph. Eric is the typical bad boy instantly enthralled by Taylor, and Joseph is dark, brooding and kind of scary. Despite warnings to stay away from Eric, Taylor goes on a date with him that ends in her and the Resident Adviser being taken hostage at knife point. From then on Taylor’s world is flipped upside down and she is not sure what to believe any more.


Opinion: Awesome! The characters are so relate-able and the incidents are quite plausible. Everything that happened could happen…of course that would be if the creatures were real. Fast paced, I read it in just a few hours and kept trying to read more not wanting the book to be finished.


Recommendation: Yes!



Book Review: A Shade of Vampire 4/5 Stars

Overview: Sofia was kidnapped on her 17th birthday by a vampire and taken to a magical place where the sun never shines, to live in a tree with the vampire Prince. Upset she tries to run away, but is caught and starts to fall for her captor. When her best friend arrives as a fellow slave she is suddenly reminded of everything she was forced to leave behind and wants to return. Then she doesn’t want to return.


Opinion: Too short first off. Sofia seems wishy-washy, and too dependent on men for my taste. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but there is something I just didn’t like about it. At the same time it was pretty good, definitely sucked me in so I can find out what happened. Has a sort of Twilight/Beauty and the Beast feel to it.


Recommendation: Conflicted yes.