#ASI: LD Schuhwerk

Hi L D Schuhwerk, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background? I am a Middle School Visual Art teacher aspiring to become a best selling author. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and a Master’s Degree in Art Education. I have always loved writingContinue reading “#ASI: LD Schuhwerk”

#BetaReaders for #LoveandDrugs

Camp NanoWriMo is coming to a close, and I am very close to finishing my book. I know it is a bit crazy to think I can write a little less then 10,000 words in three days(especially with me taking time to write this) but I only have a chapter and a half left. SoContinue reading “#BetaReaders for #LoveandDrugs”