That Time of the Year Again!

Not that time…yet! In less than 48 hours #NaNoWriMo begins and authors everywhere make reservations for psych wards come December 1st.


So what is everyone doing for this year’s novel? I am somewhat cheating. For the past two years I have tried focusing on just one novel for the whole month, but have never finished them by the end of November. I came very close (two or three words! 😡 ) to finishing during one of the #CampNaNoWriMo’s but just couldn’t do it. I run into never ending writer’s block for that book and focus on other WIP’s. This year I am just focusing on writing 50,000 words period. I got the idea from my friend Zoe Ambler who did this during #CampNaNoWriMo, I can work on all of my WIP’s and still meet the 50K goal.

So Good Luck to everyone!


1st Place

It’s the feeling that you get
When you’ve accomplished your goal.
Accomplishment, when you know
You’re the best.
The best you can be when
You achieve your dream.
Your dream, the thing you wanted
Most in life.
Life, you think it’s been fulfilled
But it’s not.
Not until you can share it with
Your friends.
Friends, the best people to share
The 1st place medal with.
With all your might Upward Bound,
We did it we are winners.
Not just winners, but 1st place in
Everyone’s heart.