#CLTBRCHALLENGE15 Book Review: Roots by Alex Haley 4/5 Stars

Overview: Roots is the story of Kunta Kinte and his children for seven generations. We follow Kunta’s kidnapping clear to the author’s life and writing of the book. We go on a journey through slave days, being sold from one plantation owner to the next. Learning different trades and finally being freed.

Opinion: It took roughly 12 days, but I did! I made it through “Roots.” First off, the book by itself, just the book and words inside of it, is great. I think I learned more about the 200 year time period from that book than I ever learned in school. That being said I was a bit torn how there would be more description with certain family members than with others. I also didn’t like how there were tons of descriptions on what was happening outside of the plantations, then less when more important events popped up. I guess I’m saying, while we learn a lot from the book, it wouldn’t make a great history book to learn from. Secondly, bringing in the thought that this is supposed to be a book about a true family’s life through the generations. Not only do I find it a bit hard to believe (it was just too “easy going” in some areas), but the author admitted that because he was alive when it happened he can’t say for certain that what he wrote is what happened. Then you have to take into account that he plagiarized a good portion of Kunta Kinte’s story from Harold Courlander’s “The African.” So I am kind of torn on what to think about it being true, but it is a great story to see a glimpse of what life was like back then.

Recommend: Even with the uncertainty of it being a hoax, Yes I recommend it.

Published by Courtney M. Wendleton

I'm an author with an associate's in psychology. Interested in a lot of different things, and love controversy. The more controversial the better, but that's not all I'm interested in. Can be a bit confusing at times, but that's normal!

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