#Book Blurb: #Revealed (Legend Series book 2)

Alexa-Jordyn just found out she is a Bean Sidhee, but what does that mean? Things get even stranger as her best friend comes to her rescue in the form of a bird, friends turn on her and things become heated with J.P. On Amazon


Innocence, Book 1 Legend Series Chapter 1 Teaser

Goodbye Dreyerswood, Hello Dublin
“Mom! Have you seen my earrings?” I asked frantically searching my almost empty jewelry box. I was searching for the pair my parents got me for Christmas, they were white gold Celtic knots in the shape of a triquetra. I wanted to wear them on my two flights to Ireland, but could not find them anywhere.
Mom came into the room and watched as I went from my desk that held my jewelry box, then to my dresser where I liked to mindlessly leave things from time to time. “Which earrings and where did you last see them?”
“The Celtic knots, and I last wore them to my clarinet recital at the end of last school year. I haven’t worn them since then.” I said throwing my black sweater into my open carry-on bag and turning back to the dresser top.
“Did you check the bathroom soap dish? I think I might have seen them in there when I double checked for your rosary yesterday.” She said leaning against the doorframe and crossing her arms.
“Was my rosary in there? I thought I sent that on ahead with my big suitcase.” I said as I rushed past her thinking if I did not send my rosary I may have missed the earrings as well and do not want to fly without them. Not only were they my favorite pair, but they were sort of a good luck charm. Every time I wore them I would have the greatest day, so I save them for special occasions. I view taking my first flight overseas, let alone anywhere, as a special occasion.
She hollered after me, “I made sure the rosary made it in the suitcase, if you forget something we can always send it later.” I could hear the smile in her voice, I’m going to miss that voice waking me up every day or calling me to dinner, I thought, as I walked into the bathroom and over to the sink.
There in the pink seashell soap dish were my earrings and my class ring that I had totally forgot about. “Got them, Mom!” I hollered back to her. Carefully I picked them up and put them in my pocket for tomorrow, and put my ring in its rightful place: my left hand ring finger, then headed back to my room to make sure I have not forgot anything else.
I walked into my room and the first thing I see is clothes scattered everywhere! Mom had taken everything out of my suitcase and was re-folding and packing it…again. “Mom, that is like the fifth time you have repacked my suitcase.”
“I know Hon, but every time I fix it, you add more stuff to it and it needs fixed again.” She said folding my favorite pink hoodie but just as she placed it in the suitcase, I snagged it back out and put it on.
“No. I’m wearing this on the plane, I want to be comfortable.” I pouted, she keeps trying to talk me out of wearing it because it is old and worn but that is what I love about it. If I am going to be on two long flights and meet a family I have not met before, I am going to do it comfortably!

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#Book Review: Falling Angels by Jen Winters 4/5 Stars

Overview: The Devine made machines to create the world. The machine Lucifer started a fight, forcing the others to choose, him or them. Ambrose is a fallen angel, he didn’t choose either side but wanted only to do his job. This caused him, and others with the same opinion, to become scattered throughout time and space. Once landed somewhere they were forbidden to leave, forced to live their days cut off from everyone. Yuruch is a machine that chose Lucifer, but soon regretted it and made a deal with Ambrose in 9017 BCE, Earth. The deal was protection for nourishment, Ambrose fed him energy and Yuruch would keep other demons away. Through the ages, the pact was fine and the two worked together shaping the world. Present-day Yuruch went off the deep end and blew up Fort Worth. Ambrose is dragged to Texas by his sense of duty and some friends, to find and stop him from more damage.

Opinion: Great. I’m not usually one for this type of reading, but the way the myths and religion is recreated is very crafty and inside the box (Doctor Who reference) thinking. To find angels and demons working side by side to shape the world is interesting as they find common ground and deeds that are in the middle of their opposite spectrums. We bounce back and forth between the past and present learning more about what the two had done together, or how Ambrose arrived to his life today, and find out why each is so fond of the other and how their characters react to the same situations.  The whole concept is intriguing and pulls you in from the first sentence.
Recommend: Yes

#Musical Monday Review #13: Hercules

Before I start, I’d like to say today is my one year anniversary!! 1 year ago today, I started this blog. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Overview: The narrators of the musical are 5 muses and open with the story of the gods and how they came into power. Then jump to the birth of Hercules and learn about his uncle wanting him dead and ties to turn him mortal. As Hercules is now mostly mortal, he has to live on Earth and go through his childhood. He learns that he is a demi-god and his father is king of the Gods, Zeus. In order to shed his mortal life, Hercules must become worthy of being a god and Hades wants to stop him so he can be the next ruler. Throwing different monsters at him, Hades tries his best to kill Hercules, who has been trained by a satyr named Phil, a famous (or infamous) hero trainer. In trying to destroy him, he finds a weakness and exploits for everything he can almost bringing an end to Hercules and the fall of the gods. Hercules saves the day, but decides to stay on Earth instead of joining his parents on Mount Olympus.

Opinion: While it is a good fish out of water and under dog story, I also see elements of other Disney movies in it. Tarzan, boy found and adopted by another species (humans instead of gods), Lion King (Uncle has to kill nephew to rule), Mulan (clumsy protagonist has to train to prove himself), Aladdin (becomes so cocky its a downfall). I don’t know a lot of Greek mythology, but this is a sweet story. Of course the true story may be darker, as Disney made a reputation for taking dark stories and making them light. I don’t know Hercules’ true story, but this version is better geared toward children than the other incestuous, bestiality-filled Greek god stories. Disney usually has hidden meanings or a moral behind their movies, an in this one I’m not quite sure what it is. With hero stories it is normally that anyone can be a hero, but here the hero is a god turned mortal. It could be love is worth fighting for  but that doesn’t sound right either. Or that famous isn’t the same as being a hero.  So history aside, the songs are pretty good for a kids movie. I particularly like “Never Admit I’m in Love.”